Silicone valley startup

קטגוריה: ניהול ותפעול תוכן, תקציב: עד ₪ 2,000
We are an early-stage tech start-up located in Silicone Valley and Israel. We're currently working on a social media marketing campaign to build traction and development our business. One part of this plan is a blog strategy. Our business requires international travelers flying from back and forth between specific destinations so this is the objective of this freelance gig. The whole point of this gig is to build awareness of our service, maximize SEO optimization through strategically placed blogs and to build visibility.

We are looking for a freelance blogger & social media manager. Responsibilities will include:

1) compiling a list of influential blogs that are related to all things traveling–specifically international traveling.
2) making posts on our company blog. It will require a mix of postings ranging from carefully researched blogs, casual blogs, to re-posts of noteworthy articles that relates to our business and audience.
3) regularly following blogs as listed in step 1, commenting on those blogger's posts, building relationships with them. The goal is to get them to actually blog about us in the near future.
4) periodically managing social media portals of our website, including fanpages, making necessary posts.


-experienced with blogs & blogging
-experienced writer
-must have excellent writing skills
-must have great command of the Hebrew or\and Russian language
-experience with basic research
-can compose thoughtful and researched blogs
-very out-going and social person
-experience with or knowledge of international traveling a plus.

Compensation: We can pay $500 a months for freelance work. .

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